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VGA Scan-Line Generator (SLG)

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Place this unit between your VGA monitor / flat-screen TV and your PC, RaspberryPi, Jamma game-board or game console, and it will generate the missing scan-lines that were present in old school CRT's. This is done with hardware, so any device that does not support scan-lines, will still get those glorious scan lines!

SLG features:

  • On/Off switch to easily turn the scan-lines on or off without removing the board.
  • You can adjust the RGB signals to fine-tune scan-line intensity with the 3 trim pots on the board. 
  • Choose between single and double width scan-lines.
  • Invert the VSYNC to use scan-lines on resolutions other than 640x480@60Hz or 1024x768@60Hz.
  • Switch between ODD/EVEN scan-lines. (shifts the scan-lines one line up/down).

No additional power is required as it is self powered from the vga source.
If you are using a flat-screen monitor, this item is a must-have to reproduce that retro arcade or console look!

Includes SLG, VGA Cable and PCB Feet