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Irem to JAMMA Adapter by PCBJunkie

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Allows you to use your Irem classic pre-JAMMA game, in a JAMMA cabinet or a super gun device.
Irem or International Rental Electronics Machines, started producing arcade games in the late 1970s. In the early to mid 1980s they released a number of arcade games on similar hardware which consisted of a sandwich of three or fours boards stacked together. 
The pinout used by this hardware remained mostly unchanged throughout the years with one small exception. The exception is a small variation in how the coin counters are wired. The adapter provides a jumper to handle the variation, but unless you really need to have working coin counters, you can just simply ignore this feature.
This is the list of compatible games that can be used with this adapter:
  • Moon Patrol
  • Moon Ranger
  • MotoRace USA
  • Traverse USA
  • Tropical Angel
  • Zippy Race
  • 10-Yard Fight
  • Battle-Road
  • Kung-Fu Master
  • Lode Runner
  • Lode Runner – The Bungeling Strikes Back
  • Spartan X
  • Atomic Boy
  • Lode Runner – Golden Labyrinth
  • Lode Runner – Majin No Fukkatsu
  • Lot Lot
  • Spelunker
  • Spelunker II
  • Kaiketsu Yanchamaru
  • Kid Niki: Radical Ninja
  • Lode Runner – Teikoku Karano Dasshutsu
  • Youjyuden
  • Ninja Spirit
  • Saigo No Nindou
  • Perfect Soldiers
The adapter has been tested with many genuine and bootleg Irem boards for compatibility.
As always, please check the pinout to ensure that your board is compatible and that it will work with this adapter.