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Classic Taito to JAMMA Adapter by PCBJunkie

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Classic Taito to Jamma Adapter by PCBjunkie

Allows you to use your Taito or a pinout compatible game, in a JAMMA cabinet or a super gun device.

Taito has always had a strong presence in the arcade video game market that lasted from the early 1970s until the company shifted primarily to the development of console games in the 2010s. A long list of titles has been released by Taito during that time, a number that is rivaled only by few other manufacturers, mainly Konami and Namco.

Since the early 1980s the company used a common pinout on their multi pcb game boards stacks, that was somewhat unique in that it used at least 2 separate connectors (edge connector on connectors G and T, and a molex wire harness on connector H). Most, if not all of these games, can safely and reliably operate using only the G and H connectors which are included with the adapter. If necessary however, an additional T edge connector can be soldered to the adapter in the space specifically provided for that purpose.  

This adapter should be compatible with the following genuine Taito games:
  • Galaxy Wars
  • Star Wars (1979)
  • Indian Battle
  • Lupin III
  • Alpine Ski
  • Frog & Spiders
  • Rock Climber
  • Space Seeker
  • T.T Mahjong
  • Birdie King
  • Electric Yo-Yo
  • Front Line
  • Funny Mouse
  • Jungle Boy
  • Jungle Hunt
  • Jungle King
  • Pirate Pete
  • Strike Bowling
  • Super Mouse
  • Time Tunnel
  • Wild Western
  • Bio Attack
  • Birdie King 2
  • Chack 'N Pop
  • Elevator Action
  • Grand Prix
  • High Way Race
  • Joshi Volleyball
  • Tin Star
  • Ultra Quiz
  • Water Ski
  • 40-0
  • Athlete
  • Ben Bero Bee
  • Birdie King 3
  • Cosmos Circuit
  • Dynamic Ski
  • Great Swordsman
  • Kick Start
  • Metal Soldier Isaac
  • Ninja Hayate
  • Pit Run
  • Ring Fighter
  • Rumba Lumber
  • Sea Fighter Poseidon
  • Fairyland Story
  • Go Go Mr. Yamaguchi
  • Gun Blade
  • Gyrodine
  • Knuckle Joe
  • Legend Of Kage, The
  • Nun Chackun
  • Ping Pong King
  • Super Speed Race Jr.
  • Time Gal
  • Wyvern F-0
  • Arkanoid
  • Block
  • Bubble Bobble
  • Colt 1986
  • Cycle Shooting
  • KiKi KaiKai
  • Knight Boy
  • L.S.A. Squad
  • New York Captor
  • Prebillian
  • S.R.D. Mission
  • Scramble Formation
  • Storming Party
  • Super Bobble Bobble
  • Tokio
  • Dr. Toppel Tankentai
  • Operation Bear
  • Operation Wolf
  • Rainbow Islands The Story Of Bubble Bobble 2
  • Tournament Arkanoid
  • Raimais
  • Enforce
  • Jumping
  • Sonic Blast Man
As always, please check the pinout of your board against what's listed in the following section to make sure your board is supported. Many bootlegs use a single connector variant of Taito's G connector that also supplies power, and in the majority of cases, these bootlegs will not be compatible with this adapter.
In addition this adapter has holes for for +5V and GND wires that can be soldered on to provide additional power for the T connector. Check your board for compatibility!